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Caribbean Admiral

Rating: 10.0

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About Caribbean Admiral:

Caribbean Admiral is an interesting battle game by You are an Admiral of the Caribbean fleet who clears the seas from pirate scum. Every port was happy to see you and you were welcome everywhere. Until one day an incredibly powerful ghost ship attacked you out of the fog. Your cannonballs just flew through the ship and flopped in the water without doing any damage at all. You lost everything in that battle including your little sister. And you swore to take revenge.

After the defeat you could only afford the smallest ship. At that point, pirates started to appear everywhere again. You start to build a new fleet in search for the ghost ship. First and foremost however, you need to defeat the pirates that are near your ship. Note: captured pirates in the first liberated settlement all knew about the legend of the ghost ship, a ship with ripped sails that can move faster than the wind. Apparently you were the only one to ever truly see it. 

You fight against enemies in turn-based battles. During your turn, you can use cannons, powders or dynamites to attack your enemies. However, you need to have money to buy those items. For each attack, you have 3 options to select: aim at the board, crew or sail. After winning a battle, you’ll receive money, war points (WP) and cargo. You need WP to open new ships and for upgrades. With the cargo, you can sell it to get more money. Caribbean Admiral has many other interesting things but I’ll let you discover them by yourself. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:             

  • Use the mouse to control your ship.

Tips and Tricks:        

  1. You can buy cargo in the Shop and then sell it in another town.
  2. Collect stars for achievements and then upgrade the prams of all of your ships.
  3. You can’t move further then the red line. A better ship will increase this radius.

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