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About Freegames66

is a project about free online games portal, developed and operated by Billions Trading., JSC. Our company was established in 2015 and we own young, dynamic and energetic staffs. On our site - Freegames66, the users can find thousands of interesting games from all the genres such as io games, clicker games, car games, ragdoll games, stickman games, mario games ... and more to play and enjoy for free. Moreover, they are able to enjoy all of these great games right on their browser with familiar devices like PC, mobiles, or tablets without installing any extension.

Our team:

Thu Nguyen Manh (Rapperkey): Founder of Freegames66 who is in charge of making the directions for all team's members.

Xuan Nguyen: He is our technical director and in charge of all the problem relating tech.

Tuan Tran: He is a technician who helps our website active smoothly

Thuy Bui and Nhung Nguyen: They help us improve our marketing and solve all issues relating to our communication.

Long Nguyen and Thuy Nguyen: They help us with all the task relating to post games up to the site

Quyet Nguyen and Hai Nguyen: They help us try the new games, find out tips and tricks of the game, and create walkthrough video for each game.

Duyen Nguyen: She is our content writer who is in charge of all information and game’s description on our website.

Tuan Nguyen: He is in charge of finding new game. He's the browser games expert in the team

Getting started with passion

As mentioned above, Freegames66 is a project of X8media., JSC. It is operated by a small admin team including the members who are the X8media's staffs. We are young people who have the same hobby and passion for gaming. We have played games since childhood and just this passion has connected us together. With the experience of so many years in playing games, at least five years’ work and research about games and game industry, Freegames66 is our brainchild and passionate site to provide something better for the community and for those who have the same hobby as us. And this is also the reason why we created this site.

Our mission:

Getting started with passion, our mission is to provide the players with the best place to experience free online games, create a reputable site for people to relax with their favorite games without worrying about any threats on the internet.

In order to do that, we have spent a lot of time researching and experimenting to provide our users with a safe internet environment and the best interface that is able to meet all the needs of gamers on our site.

In addition, we always try to satisfy all the game’s demands of the players, so, the games we offer at Freegames66 are very diverse. If you're a person who loves sports games, role-playing games, fighting games, puzzle games... or you are looking for an educational game for your kids then all are available on our website. In addition, there are many other categories such as Racing games, Shooting Games, IO Games ... In general, no matter which types of games are you looking for, we still have the best games and suitable for you at Freegames66.

What do we do?

  • We play games every day. Yes, of course! As mentioned above, playing game is our passion and we always want to enjoy the best and newest games. Daily, we always try to find new games, enjoy all of them, pick the best, and give them to you on Freegames66.
  • In addition, in order to help you enjoy your favorite game easier, for each game we offer on Freegames66, we have played them for many times, create a walkthrough video to guide and find out all tips and tricks to help you when getting stuck. For this reason, surely you will feel so great when enjoying games on our site.
  • Besides that, we keep updating the new trends and the newest games daily to ensure that all the HOT games in the world are available on our site right after their release date. And of course, being a user of Freegames66, you will be one of the earliest players to experience these games.
  • We also have a team including many experienced technicians who work hard to bring you the best experience on our website. They have researched deeply about the user experience and experimented many times to provide the simplest and friendliest interface. This means that you will be playing the game smoothly, comfortably without crashes, lag or bugs that affect your gaming experience on our site.
  • We also have a very professional customer care team to help our users when they have any question or problem. So, if you have any questions, just contact us and you will receive an answer as soon as we receive your information.

Our results:

With many years working in the game industry, until this time, our developer team has created and published successfully two game titles including Flaap.io and Trollface vs Zombies. These games are our test games, however, a happy news to us is that all these two games have received quite high-rating from thousands of votes of players around the world. And it can say that, this is our initial success, offers us the motivation to continue to develop more new games in the future.


Flaap.io is an io game made by Freegames66 and released on June the 6th, 2017. This game is the most successful game of us at this time that is inspired by the popular flappy bird game of Nguyen Ha Dong. In this game, the player will control a lovely bird with the main mission is to keep this bird from falling ground or hitting the green pipes and fly as far as possible. The more pipes the player passes, the higher scores he gets, and of course, in the .io world, a high score is very important. The similar element between Flappy Bird and Flaap.io is that both these games are extremely challenging and addictive. However, the difference between these games is that Flaap.io is an io game. This means it allows the players to compete with many other players from around the world to gain the high position on the leaderboard while Flappy Bird can't offer this feature.

Trollface vs Zombies:

Trollface vs Zombies is another game developed and published by Freegames66 that was released a few months after Flaap.io, on November the 8th, 2017. This game is a fun game for people who want to relax and kill the break time. According to the game's plot, the city is being destroyed by a huge number of vicious zombies. With the main mission is to save the city, in this game, the player has to take down as many zombies as possible by punching, kicking, etc. Although this game is set in the zombie theme, it is still very funny because of its humor graphics and fun character's design. Maybe for this reason, lots of gamers from around the world love playing this game.

In addition to these two games, with the endless effort to offer the users the hottest and newest games. At this time, we have gathered and provided our users with more than four thousands of interesting games from all genres such as shooting games, zombies games, fun games, girl games, action games, racing games, etc. Moreover, according to our unofficial statistics in 2018, Freegames66 is a free gaming site with more than 10 million active users per month. That means after a long time of activity, we have our frequent users. They trusted Freegames66 and had lots of great moments on our site, so, they come back to us when wanting to enjoy more games. And it can say that this is a big result for us after many years of effort.

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