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Two Player Games

Two Player games on Freegames66: We have created a list of the best Two Player games for you here. We have thousands of exciting Two Player games! You just have to choose one of our Two Player games and have fun!

New Two Player Games

Get On Top

Two Player
83 % Liked 142.5k Plays

Rooftop Snipers

Two Player
90 % Liked 113.2k Plays

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

Two Player
100 % Liked 1.5k Plays

Boom Boom Volleyball

Two Player
100 % Liked 894 Plays


Two Player
100 % Liked 959 Plays

Frantic Ninjas

Two Player
100 % Liked 1.5k Plays

Fuzzmon 2: Mighty Earth

Two Player
100 % Liked 639 Plays

Egg Fighter

Two Player
100 % Liked 927 Plays

Alien Transporter

Two Player
0 % Liked 422 Plays

Cube Slam

Two Player
100 % Liked 359 Plays

About Tom And Jerry Action 2

Two Player
100 % Liked 1.7k Plays

Get On Top Online

Two Player
79 % Liked 11.9k Plays

Wrestle Jump Sumo Fever

Two Player
80 % Liked 2.6k Plays

The Last Survivors

Two Player
100 % Liked 1.4k Plays

Defeat Your Friend

Two Player
86 % Liked 2.6k Plays

Royal City Clashers 3

Two Player
100 % Liked 955 Plays

Tom And Jerry Action

Two Player
67 % Liked 1.9k Plays

sea Monsters Food Duel

Two Player
50 % Liked 901 Plays

Penguin Sumo

Two Player
100 % Liked 815 Plays

Max and Mink

Two Player
0 % Liked 774 Plays

Battle Pong: The New Generation of Pong

Two Player
100 % Liked 1.2k Plays

Billiards Pool

Two Player
100 % Liked 3.0k Plays

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Two Player
100 % Liked 1.8k Plays

Transformers Battle

Two Player
75 % Liked 3.2k Plays

Two Player Games on Freegames66

You love Two Player game style? Don't go anywhere, at this site we have tons of games to serve your favourite. Here we have searched and collected the 49 best Two Player games for you. All of them are online games and they are totally free. You can play these Two Player games on both mobile and PC. Some of them are available on Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS devices as well as tablets.

We are showing you the games from 1 to 24 including Get On Top, Rooftop Snipers, Ultimate Tic Tac Toe, Boom Boom Volleyball, Reversi and we still have 25 other Two Player games that are waiting for you to explore.

Top 5 Two Player Games

  • Rooftop Snipers

    Rooftop Snipers is a fun fighting game. Have you ever tried a gun battle on the rooftop with only jump and shoot? Yes, you cannot move or target an enemy. Physical elements are the key to winning.

  • Get On Top

    Get On Top is a 1 on 1 fighting game. Invite your friend and compete by taking control of imaginary characters as they wrestle each other to see who is better.

  • Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

    Ultimate Tic Tac Toe is an interesting strategy game. In this game, you will play against your opponent in a grid map. There are 3 maps to choose from: 3x3, 5x5 and 7x7. Your task is to place 4 of your marks adjacently to win each game (except the 3x3 grid). Play now!

  • Boom Boom Volleyball

    Boom Boom Volleyball is a volleyball game. Control your hot bikini girl and hit the bomb to defeat your opponent. Play now!

  • Reversi

    Reversi is an interesting board game. In this game, your goal is to own more pieces than your opponents when the game is over. You can flip your opponent’s pieces by trapping them between two of your own. You can invite your friends and play together on the same PC. Play now!

Rating of the players for Two Player games

According to the information that we've collected, Two Player games are the favorite ones of over 2819 players on Freegames66. These games have received over 338,782 plays and a rating of 8.6/10 from 3269 votes.