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Clicker Games

Clicker games are great games to enjoy. If you love these game, here we have tons of interesting clicker games. Click here to play for free all these games!

New Clicker Games

Clicker Heroes

78 % Liked 31.5k Plays

Epic Clicker

89 % Liked 21.2k Plays


83 % Liked 36.1k Plays

DogeMiner 2

87 % Liked 30.4k Plays

Tube Clicker

91 % Liked 25.8k Plays


95 % Liked 19.9k Plays

Trollface Clicker

81 % Liked 13.4k Plays


47 % Liked 9.4k Plays


100 % Liked 3.1k Plays

Mushroom Madness 3

50 % Liked 5.2k Plays

Mushroom Madness 2

100 % Liked 5.0k Plays

Torture The Trollface

100 % Liked 2.8k Plays

Idle Online Universe

100 % Liked 8.5k Plays

Idle Raiders: Second Run

80 % Liked 8.3k Plays

Idle Power

100 % Liked 8.5k Plays

Poop Clicker 2

89 % Liked 7.7k Plays

Moonbase Tycoon Idle

83 % Liked 5.7k Plays

Room Clickers

67 % Liked 4.8k Plays

Tangerine Tycoon

88 % Liked 10.6k Plays

Hit Your Computer

79 % Liked 16.1k Plays

Monster Smack

40 % Liked 3.3k Plays

Poop Clicker

83 % Liked 9.0k Plays

Rolling Panda

100 % Liked 3.1k Plays

Pinata Masters

44 % Liked 4.3k Plays

About clicker games

Clicker game (also known as Incremental games or clicking games) is a simple but interesting video game genre that is usually mixed with the elements of many other game genres such as RTS, puzzles, hidden objects, etc. In these games, the player just clicks the mouse to choose or navigate the environment of the game. With simple gameplay but addictive storyline and detail visuals, nowadays, clicker games are adored by thousands of players from around the world and become so popular. In order to learn more about this interesting video game genre, let's continue reading below!

Definition of clicker games

Clicker games or also known as clicking games or incremental games are a video game genre. These games focus on simple gameplay in which the player just perform simple actions such as clicking many times on the screen to earn currency, gather items, or complete the game's quests.Just by its simple but interesting gameplay, clicker games genre is considered as the fun games to relax.

Gameplay and themes of clicker games

Simple gameplay is the most special point of a typical clicker game. As mentioned above, in the clicker game, the player just performs a super simple action is clicking. They can click on the button, items, character, or anything else to complete the game's quests and earn the game's currency. With this earning, they can upgrade their character or purchase value items to enjoy the game much more or to earn money from the game easier.

The most common theme of a typical clicker game is managing farm, factories, or other things to earn money. These games usually allow the player to create a farm or factory and manage them to earn money. In addition, as also mentioned above, clicker games are often mixed with other game genres such as puzzle, hidden object, investigate criminal cases elements, etc to increase the challenge, attractive and rich of the game. For this reason, these themes are also very common. In these games, the player is usually allowed to move around, navigate, explore, find hidden objects, and gather clues to resolve the game's quests or mysteries.

Graphics and interface of clicker games

Another prominent feature of clicker games genre is its graphics and interface. In fact, clicker games are so simple to play, however, friendly interface and cute-colorful graphics make these games still be able to attract the attention of many players. Usually, graphics of this game genre is designed so cutely with bright colors and lovely character. Moreover, friendly interface is also a plus mark of this game genre, make it become the best choice for relaxing.

History of clicker games

Clicker game has appeared for a long time and nobody knows which exact year that this game genre released. However, when mentioning the development history of clicker games, we can't ignore an important milestone that is 2013. The year 2013 is the year marking the popularity of this game genre, after the success of Cookie Clicker. In fact, before that, there are many other games such as Cow Clicker and Candy Box! that were developed based on the same principles as Cookie Clicker. However, Clicker games couldn't become popular for a long time until 2013, when Cookie Clicker released. Moreover, in 2015, this game genre became more and more popular and people realized that clicker games have grown rapidly on Steam game distribution platform.

Top 7 best clicker games on Freegames66

Clicker Heroes:

Of course, when mentioning the clickers games genre, we can't ignore an extremely popular game named as Clicker Heroes, and this game is also one of the best clicker games on Freegames66. With simple but addictive gameplay as well as cute graphics, this game is so cool to play and enjoy. In this game, the player can enjoy two interfaces including Monster and Upgrade Hero. Your main mission in this game just simply is to click multiple times of monsters to kill them, hire Heroes, and perform other game's quests.

Epic Clicker:

Epic Clicker is also a remarkable game in our list of Clicker games. This game combines the elements of clicker and tower defense genre to create an extremely enjoyable gameplay that you have never seen before. In this game, the player will be taken back to the world of Super Heroes such as Thor, the Roman warriors, the gods of Egypt, and Knight, etc in which, the main mission of him is to save the world from the evil forces. In detail, he will have to slash and destroy the monster by using the mouse to click on them. Simple control combining with the epic story makes this game become so attractive and enjoyable. If you haven't still played this game on Freegames66, you should try it at least once, surely you will love it.


Pinata is a simple but cute clicker game that is received the high rating from the players of Freegames66. This game is so cool to enjoy because it is very simple and has the typical elements of a clicker game. In this game, the player will have to feed the dog by clicking the mouse to break the eggs or colorful stars. With simple gameplay but interesting and cute graphics, Pinata is so enjoyable to play in free time.

Tube Clicker:

The fourth remarkable name in top 5 best clicker games on Freegames66 is Tube Clicker. This game is so interesting with so simple gameplay in which, the player will continuously click on the play button on the game screen to increase the views of his YouTube's video. For every 500 views, he will have one subscriber and his final goal is to have as many subscribers as possible.


DogeMiner is another interesting clicker game that is received the high-rating of the players on Freegames66. In this game, the player will control a cute dog with the main mission is to earn as many dogecoins as possible, then use these coins and have a great trip to the Moon. The core features of this game are so cute graphics and lots of interesting upgrades to earn dogecoin faster.

Trollface Clicker:

As its name, Trollface Clicker is a so fun clicker game to play and enjoy. With simple but funny gameplay, this game is suitable for those who want to kill the times. In this game, the main task of the player is to click as many as possible in the trollface to get point. With these points, the players can upgrade lots of so interesting features and enjoy the game more. If you feel bored, Trollface Clicker is really an excellent recommendation to blow up the bored.

Mushroom Madness 3:

The third installment of the series game Mushroom Madness is a great clicker game on Freegames66. With interesting gameplay and lovely visuals, it is not difficult to understand why this game is so attractive. In this game, the player will have a chance to participate in lots of exciting adventures, perform so many different missions, and kill the enemy by using various strange weapons such as a slipper or racquet. Moreover, this game contains lots of levels, each of them has a core feature as well as different missions for the player to enjoy. Sounded so great, right? In fact, it is a big pity if you ignore this game.

What do we have at this site?

On Freegames66, we have hundreds of interesting clicker games for you to enjoy. All of these games have been carefully checked by our technical staff to ensure that you have a smooth gaming experience and do not encounter any problems. In addition, we also provide the players with some tips and tricks for each game, so, if you are having trouble completing some quests in the game, do not worry because these tips and tricks can help you a little in conquering your favorite game.

Lastly, when you come to this site, you will be interacting with a friendly interface, including the game categories that are arranged in a clear and simple way. This gives you a great experience playing the games on our site!

Now, it is the time to enjoy the best clicker games. What are you waiting for? Let's jump into the wonderful world of games and have lots of great moments!

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