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Epic War 2

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About Epic War 2

Epic War 2 is the sequel to this strategy series, developed by Rudy Sudarto and his team. The world was divided. From the ashes of the first world, three powers rose: the resourceful humans, the mighty orcs and the graceful elves. But little did they know, as they fought amongst themselves, there was another threat. In the distant lands unknown to them all, a danger was brewing from hidden shadows of Middle Earth. And now, only you can stop that darkness.

You are given the position of commanding and training the troops. In Epic War 2, you have to defeat all 18 levels and you will start at level 1 – Training Grounds. Remember: you have to protect your castle and summon units to destroy the enemy’s base. There are 5 aspects of your castle that can be researched between battles. By researching each feature of your castle, you’ll unlock new units.

Once again, your upgrade options within a battle are determined by the highest levels of research you’ve attained between battles. To form a good strategy, make sure you’re aware of the strength and weakness of both your opponent’s units and your own. This is especially important on boss encounters. Make sure you choose your upgrade path wisely, and spend your mana efficiently; your opponent will not wait for you to prepare yourself. Epic War 2 still has a lot of cool stuff, but I'll let you explore them in the game. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:             

  • Use mouse to interact.
  • Press Space to Mana Boost.
  • Use 0 to auto-fire.
  • Use A to shoot arrow,
  • Use S to shoot Elemental Arrow.

Tips and Tricks:     

  1. Each units has its own strengths and weaknesses against certain damage types, so make sure you’re aware of them.
  2. Barracks allow for the training of heavy melee attack units.
  3. Academy research allows for the training of healers and ranged magic units.
  4. They key to winning is knowing your units and your enemy’s units, while upgrading your base wisely and saving/investing your mana to launch major assaults.

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