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Wide Out

Rating: 6.7

Votes: 6

Plays: 4.1k

About Wide Out:

Wide Out is a wonderful Sport game about American Football. No matter if you have or haven’t played American Football or not, you will love to try attending a sport event with Wide Out. On the green field, you will take the role of a footballer, who is wearing a helmet. You mission is catching the touchdown pass. You have to be perfectly in time and run directly to the Yellow Catch Zone.

While you are trying to accomplish your mission, the defender will try to lock you by preventing you. Getting through hum is not as hard as you think. Now, after you have passed the defender, you will need to make sure that the touchdown pass hasn’t met the yellow catch zone. In Wide Out, The Yellow Catch Zone will be marked with a Countdown alarm. If you let the touchdown pass meet the Yellow Catch Zone, which means you get there too late, the pass won’t be completed. 

Wide Out allows the player to unlock the Special Moves. You can also get the additional catches that help you catch the passes that are out of your reach. Serving a pretty simple gameplay with beautiful graphics, Wide Out is a good try for someone who is new to the American Football and wants to get a little taste of how amazing the game is.

How to play:

  • Press I to run forward.
  • Press J to run to the left.
  • Press L to run to the right.
  • Press K to run backward.
  • Press Spacebar to catch the pass or continue with the game.
  • Press M to mute sounds.
  • Press A to perform a Jump Catch.
  • Press S to perform an After Burner.

Tips and tricks:

  1. If you still have time after passing through the defender, wait for the pass touchdown.
  2. If you earn high scores, submit them and see your position of the leaderboard.

Wide Out Unblocked:

  1. Wide Out Unblocked is the additional version of Wide Out, in which all the locked features are featured without limits. If you love Wide Out, you can check up on Wide Out Unblocked on This site is the wonderful place for everyone who is seeking for fun games. Enjoy!

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