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Return Man 3

Rating: 9.2

Votes: 179

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Return Man 3 is the third part of an exciting American Football series games that have the same name. This game was developed by Mini Monster Media and published by ESPN arcade Games Breakers. In Return Man 3, you continue to control a football player (a blocker) with the main mission is to catch the ball and bring it to the finish line safely for a touchdown.


At the start of the game, you must run to the yellow zone in time to catch the ball, after that, run as fast as possible to the finish line to win. Remember that the defenders of the opposing team will try to stop you. If you are stopped by the defenders, you lose a possession. There are total 4 possessions in a level and when you lose all your possessions, the game will end.

However, your teammates will help you. If the defenders are close to your teammates, your teammates will stop them. When you run to the finish line, you will complete a match in that level and you will gain points. The point will be calculated based on the time you catch the ball and the time you run to the finish line. The shorter of time you run to the finish line, the more points you earn. There are many levels in this game; each of them has its own challenge and the difficulty will increase following when you get progress.

In Return Man 3, you can use many new special skills, such as stiff arm, front flip, spin, ankle breaker ... Try to complete your missions and unlock them as soon as you can. You have to use special skills effectively to overcome dangerous situations.

Return Man 3 also has 3 blockers for you. Try to unlock the third blocker that is really a big guy. Do not forget to collect power-ups on the field, they can help you run faster than the defenders. Besides, Return Man 3 has many interesting things waiting for you to discover. Good luck and have fun!


In Return man 3, there are 15 stages. In each stage, there are several levels, the exact number depends on each stage. There are two types of weather condition in this game including the normal weather condition and the icy condition. Players have to win the match in each level to move to the next ones. When winning all the level in a stage, they will be able to unlock the next stage. The difficulty will increase following the stage you are in. Usually, there are more defenders in the match at high stage. However, when you get progress, you are also able to unlock the new special moves. These moves can help you to against defenders. This feature makes this game become more challenge and also attracts more players.

Special moves

There are 7 different special moves for you to unlock in this game. They are Juke, Stiff arm, Afterburner, Front flip, ankle breaker, hurdle, and spin. Each move offers a special ability to against the attacks of defenders in the opposing team.

Juke: This special move can help you to fake and dodge the defenders around. Deduction for use this special move is 300

Stiff arm: This special ability will help you to push down the defender who want to approach you. You can use it if using 650 deductions.

Afterburner: You can use this special move to boost your speed. To unlock it, you need the deduction of 350.

Front Flip: This move is very useful when having the defender who tries to approach and rob your ball. In order to unlock it, you need 300 deductions

Ankle Breaker: This move is used to break the ankle of the defender. Its deduction for use is 150.

Hurdle: This move is used to prevent defenders who try to approach you. To unlock it, you need to have 600.

Spin: This is also a special move that is useful when having a defender wants to approach you. Its deduction for use is 500.

How to play

  • Use the button I to run forward up.
  • Use the buttons J and L to run left and right.
  • Use the button K to run down.
  • When you have unlocked the special moves, using the button A-S-D to use these moves.
  • In addition, in case you feel these controls are not familiar, you also can use the arrow keys to move.

Tips and tricks

  • You can play Return Man 3 in full-screen mode.
  • When your teammates are near the defenders of your opponent, they will stop the defenders.
  • Get the power-ups in the map as soon as you can to get an advantage.
  • Click on an unlocked stage to continue. As you progress, more stages will be unlocked.
  • The circle shape of ice will make you fall when running through it.
  • You can change controls of this game by clicking on the setting icon on the menu screen.
  • The location and direction of defenders in each level won't be changed even you play it many times. So, try to remember them to pass the level easier

Return man 3 unblocked game

If you want to experience Return Man 3 Unblocked at school, you can click at This is a site that offers you thousands of great unblocked games including Return man 3. With this version, you can play this game anywhere you want. There is nowhere can stop you enjoy this game even areas ban gaming sites like your school or offices. Moreover, we offer this game for free, so you can enjoy it without paying any charge. You won’t have to worry about anything; just enter the game, move your blocker wisely, run to the finish line to win the match, and enjoy your time!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to beat stage 15 on return man 3?

In order to beat stage 15 - the most difficult stage in Return Man 3, using special moves is very necessary. In detail:

In level 1: Use Juke, Stiff Arm, and Afterburner to overcome all the defenders and come to the finish line for a touchdown.

In level 2 and 3: Let's use the Front flip, Spin, and Hurdle special moves to against the very big defenders.

In level 4, 5, 6, and 7, you can use many different special moves to pass these levels.

In level 8, let's run in the left, after that, use Juke, Stiff Arm, and Afterburner to run to the finish line safely.

How to become invincible in return man 3?

Each level of this game doesn't change even when you play it hundreds of time. So, in order to become invincible, let's play this game many times, you will have so many experiences. Besides that, these tips and tricks above also can help you to win this game easier.

How to get past the big defenders on return man 3?

In order to get past these very big defenders, you need to use the special moves you have.



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