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Forest Hunter

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About Forest Hunter:

Welcome to Forest Hunter, an exciting shooting video game with the cool first person perspective element. In this game you control a hunter. Your mission is to go into the forest and hunt the animals with your sniper rifle. The game has many different levels and in each level you have to complete quests with increasing difficulty. With 3D graphics and beautiful effects, I believe you will like Forest Hunter.

In the forest there will be many different animals like rabbits, deer, or wolves. When starting the game you only have a sniper rifle. At level 1, your mission is "Rabbit Hunt". You must hunt a rabbit in limited time. If you cannot kill a rabbit during this time, you will lose. And if you complete the mission, you will have bonuses to upgrade or buy new guns.

Please note that when animals know you are hunting them, they will run away from you while some ferocious animals will attack you. So I recommend upgrading your sniper rifle as soon as possible. On the game screen, the upper left corner is the limited time and your HP, the upper right corner is your mission. When you complete a level, you will have money from head shot, body shot, time bonus, and reward mission. Good luck!

How to play:

  • You use Mouse = aim / shoot, Right click = zoom.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Shoot at the heads of the targets to get the highest bonus.
  2. Complete the mission as fast as you can.
  3. Some animals will attack you if you shoot them.

Forest Hunter Unblocked:

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