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Rating: 7.5

Votes: 8

Plays: 656

About GunSpin:

GunSpin is a Platform, Shooter, Gun and Action video game. There are tons of Shooter video games out there, but there’s none can beat GunSpin in the level of strange and weirdness. This game has successfully brought an open and joyful environment to the gaming experience of a hundred thousand people around the world and set up a new type of shooting element in the Shooter video games.

In GunSpin, the player will take the role of a gun and try his best to throw himself as far as he can. The numbers of miles that the player reaches will bring him the related scores and money. For example, if you reach 60 miles, then he will earn 60 points and 60 golden coins. The golden coins can be used to buy upgrades in order to help the player perform more effectively. The upgrades also make great overall impacts.

The more upgrades the player gets, the better the result the player gets. The game world of GunSpin is made of hills, mountains and rocks, and the player will get to surpass those terrain elements to accomplish the game quest. GunSpin supports the Side-Scrolling mechanic, which means the player cannot go back to the side of the screen that he has left.

GunSpin is a good video game to try, especially when you are in need of something intensive and different from the boring video games you used to spend time with. Let’s have fun with GunSpin now!

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse to start a fire to throw the gun.

Tips and tricks:

  1. As you reach the past screen side, your game will be over even when you still have armours.
  2. You should not rush in this game and be calm to arm for the right angle instead.

GunSpin Unblocked:

  1. With the trusted connection and library of hundred thousand video games in multiple languages, is proud to provide you with GunSpin Unblocked. You can get to to enjoy any game you like at any time you desire. Check up on now!


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