Shell Shock Live OVERVIEW

Shell Shock Live

Rating: 82 of 100

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About Shell Shock Live:

Shell Shock Live is a fun casual turn-based game, developed by Kchamp Games and played on flash web.

There are 2 game modes, online or offline. With offline mode you do not have to login to the game (play in the guest login form), but you will not earn EXP, not level up, not save the stats and not upgrade your tank.

In order to support the player, the game has Firing Range mode, players can enter here to practice their skills.

When you enter the game, there are many rooms created by the player in the Lobby, you can enter any room you want to fight with other players. However, you need to pay attention to the settings of that room. It is the same as when you create a room. You will be able to customize the number of participants, the number of turns, and many other customizations.

Once the game has started, you and your opponent will appear randomly at two locations far from each other on the map. Both will shoot each other in turn and with each shot hit the opponent, you will score. Finishing the maximum number of turns in a map, one who has more points will win.

The interesting part of this game is that you will not lose HP when your opponent hits you. When the bullets hit the ground, it would create explosions and alter the terrain of the area, and if hit, you would have to change the direction of the shot and the power of the shot. In addition to the variety of bullets with the effect of each bullet type are different, this is also very interesting point of the game.

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How To Play:

  • Use the arrow keys or mouse to adjust the direction of the shot and the power of the shot.
  • Use A or D to move.
  • Use W or S to change the type of bullets.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Use the type of bullet that is most appropriate and effective for each situation.
  2. Use earthquakes if you fall into a position where you cannot fire your opponent.

Shell Shock Live Walkthrough:

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