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About 4096:

4096 is an online puzzle game, which is developed by Martijn Korteweg (@ChemicalsX) and published by GitHub. It is a clone of the well-known 2048 of Matthias Jouan with a few twists:

  • Instead of 2048, the goal of this game is to reach 4096, which is much harder.
  • The form of the grid now is 5x5 (2048’s grid is 4x4).
  • If in 2048, each row there is a new title, in 4096, two titles are added.

“After beating 2048, it seemed we can go up one more level. Let’s try!” - Martijn Korteweg.

How To Play:

  • It’s effortless. Players will move the titles by their arrow keys. If the number on two titles match each other, they will merge into one with a new number on it. The new number is the combination of two former numbers. Repeat until you reach 4096.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Play it slowly: Since 4096 is easy to play, players tend to tear through the game without focusing on what they are doing. It’s a bad habit indeed. You don’t have to be rush, and there is no timer in this 5x5 online game. Try to play it with a game strategy and plan your moves carefully.
  2. Take advantages of the corners: Select one of the corners and move all your titles there. It’s an ideal situation when your highest value title is at the corner, and other titles surround it. By doing this, players can have bigger value titles and quickly merge them without difficulties.

4096 Unblocked Game:

  1. You can try this free game on Freegames66. Having tons of unblocked games, players can play 4096 - the title game on Freegames66  for free anytime and anywhere (even places that block gaming sites like offices and schools).  


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