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Rating: 10.0

Votes: 2

Plays: 1.3k

About Spewer:

Developed by Eli Piilonen and David Carney, Spewer is a very adorable Adventure game. In this game, you will control a molecule and explore the wonderful game world of Spewer. There are more than thirty levels in the game that are divided into five different chapters. The lab is where the game takes place.

Using the keyboard, you will take control of the game and lead the molecule to travel from the starting point to the destination in each level. Even though Spewer owns a pretty easy gameplay, you still can see that the game serves a bit tricky Puzzle gameplay. The further you advance in the game, the harder the levels become.

The point is finding out the way to solve the Puzzle and try your best to pass the levels. The molecule can release dirt liquid from his body through his mouth. There is a meter at the bottom of the screen which will show you how much liquid you have. Outside of the cage where the molecule is in, the scientist is working hard, but sometimes he might dig his nose in too see how the molecule is doing. Now we think you know enough information about Spewer and its interesting gameplay. Have fun with the game!

How to play:

  • Press the W key to jump.
  • Press S key to go down.
  • Press A to turn left.
  • Press D to turn right.           
  • Use the mouse cursor to make options.

Tips and tricks:

  1. When you want to make a higher jump, release the dirt liquid to encourage your performance.
  2. If you are stuck in one level, try to see the walkthrough video of Spewer to figure out away to pass the game level.

Spewer Unblocked:

  1. Spewer Unblocked promises you more elements that the present version of the game that you are playing doesn’t have. You can check up on Spewer Unblocked on This site is a good place for you to seek kind games. Have fun!


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