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PLAY NOW Rogue Soul 2
Rogue Soul 2

Rating: 9.1

Votes: 832

Plays: 44.3k

About Rogue Soul 2

Rogue Soul 2 is the sequel to this endless runner game series developed by SOULGAME and Not Doppler.

The playstyle in Rogue Soul 2 is similar to the first game. But this time around, each stage will have their own objective to complete like jumping on the mushroom, rescuing prisoners, defeating enemies by using specific skills... and when you complete those objectives, you’ll receive gold stars. Don’t forget to pick up the money bags lying on the road.  

Rouge Soul 2 is also more challenging and has some new updates, such as :

  • New skills : stomp, double jump, glide and wallrun
  • New items : armors, projectiles, flowers.
  • A new loot system : 14 targets to collect.
  • Stronger enemies : 16 different types of enemies.
  • New skins that can be bought using gold stars.
  • A shop where you can use gold coins to upgrade your skills, abilities with a black market spot where you can buy more powerful weapons and equipment.

There is also another game in this series for you to play titled Rouge Soul 2 or you can also play similar games such as Castle Dash, Run 3, Jungle Runner...

How To Play

  • Use WASD keys to move.
  • Use K to slide.
  • Use J to throw.
  • User P to pause the game.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You can change to hard mode in option.
  2. Set the game’s quality in options.
  3. Customize your controls in options.
  4. Turn the sound on/off on the pause screen.