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Robots Can't Think

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About Robots Can’t Think

Amongst a series of interesting puzzle games on this site, Robots Can’t Think seems to share the similar gameplay with Gravity Duck and Warp The Level. All require players to support a character to overcome a variety of dangers to reach the end successfully. But, the content of this game is a bit different. So, if you want to know, follow me now!

As the name suggests, the main character is a robot and it’s a new product from the RENT technology center. Since scientists want to test how good the robot is, you MUST give them a hand now. And here is what you should do.

First of all, please know that the robot is equipped with the grabbing devices which are similar to human arms, but stronger than 10 times. Hence, you need to avail these devices to climb up to the walls and ceilings easily. Additionally, the robot is able to lift up and move heavy items for some necessary situations.

As the game progresses, a special ability called “Translocator” is activated. This permits the robot to move from one place to another. Plus, this game provides “Time Warp” that is useful to permit the time stand still. And the biggest meaning is that the robot can run through the dangers without worrying. But, keep in mind that these abilities happen in seconds. So, you have to be agile to carry out what you must do in each level.  

The last thing is that this game has a timer to test the capability of the robot. How long can you support it to complete the game? If you’re a beginner, I think that you don’t pay attention to the time too much. Just play step by step and restart if you want. But, if you know thoroughly, you should be quick-witted and nimble-fingered in order to finish at the soonest time.

Now, it’s time to enjoy Robot Can’t Think, guys! Play hard and be fun!

How to play

  • Guide the robot – the left and right arrow keys
  • Pick up the item – the down key
  • Drop the item – the up key
  • Activate translocator – X key
  • Switch on time warp – C key
  • Look around the platform – hold the left mouse
  • Restart the level – R key

Tips and tricks

  1. In some levels, you MUST combine both special abilities to overcome the dangers successfully.
  2. Keep in mind that each ability just lasts for 8 seconds.


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