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Phobi Jones

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 2

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About Phobi Jones

A huge treasure in Phobi Jones! Sounds awesome, right? Why are you hesitant so long? Hit the PLAY button on the welcoming screen and start your adventure now!

This game offers 24 levels with a common objective; that is, collect enough pieces of an artifact to open a door. However, it’s not a simple task because there are some beasts guarding and preventing you from taking these pieces. So, what will you do?

Take advantage of available items from the game, of course. They include torches, mice, and pickaxes. And every item has its own ability to scare the beast.

  • The mice are used to scare big elephants. Just put a mouse near to the elephant and then it will run in the opposite direction as far as it possibly could.
  • The torch will threaten bats and keep them away from you.
  • The pickaxe is used to break the wall to create a small waterfall. This is the most dangerous thing that lions are scared.

Depending on each level, you will receive a fixed number of the items to deal with the creatures. Obviously, you need to work out carefully to put these items in their right position.

In addition, you are able to use the beasts as a helpful support. For instance, the mouse is afraid of the appearance of the lion. So, if you make the lion run towards the mouse in the level 7, the mouse will run and help to activate an elevator. Or scare the elephant so that it runs through the spike. Relying on that, you can jump and stand on its back.

Since Phobi Jones is a puzzle game, the more levels you overcome, the more difficulty will increase. But, don’t worry about losing because you can reset this current level and continue playing until you complete. Last but not least, never come back the previous levels that you’ve completed or your progress will be gone like Tom and Jerry – Rig-A Bridge or Gravity Duck.

And now, spend your free time on relishing Phobi Jones and see whether you can accomplish all of the 24 levels at the soonest time. Good luck, guys!

How to control

  • Movement – WASD or arrow keys
  • Click and drag the items – the left mouse

Tips and tricks

  1. Avail the elephant to break the weak walls.
  2. Make sure you place the items in the correct place since you can remove or replace them.


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