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Gravity Duck

Rating: 10.0

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About Gravity Duck

Created and developed by the topnotch studio of Ravenous Games, Gravity Duck has soon become a fun and addicting puzzle platform. Land on here and discover it now!

This cool game is truly a challenging journey of a little duck. He’s requested to collect 40 golden eggs in a forest with full of dangers. And since you’re here, please support him to finish successfully.

For the first three levels, the game will give basic instructions so that you can follow to perform well. Move right or left to capture the egg. And from the level 2, you will find out that this little duck has a special ability to flip the gravity via rotating him to the same way as the egg is placed. In addition, you should take advantage of a yellow portal on the screen in order to change new directions.

However, from the level 4, you will meet a variety of hazards including spikes, smashing blocks, spitting flowers, and other dangerous creatures. And if you’re not good at using the gravity and the portal, you can put your little duck to death. So, that’s why you need to practice as well as combining this special ability with your skillful movement to avoid the dangers.

In addition, you need to make a plan for what you should do in a typical level. For instance, depending on the terrain, please avail the gravity wisely. Or work out carefully to use both the portals at the same time without falling into any spikes. Or even make the most of the smashing blocks to avoid the shooting fire from some creatures.

Last but not least, never come back to any level unless you finish all the 40 levels successfully. It’s okay for you to restart the current one until you complete because the progress will be saved as you continue. In case you return to the previous level, your progress will be removed instantly.

Of course, you don’t want it, right? So, be careful!

And now, don’t wait anymore! Tap PLAY button and enjoy Gravity Duck now. Wish you accomplish all of the 40 golden eggs soon!

How to control

  • The left and right arrow keys are to control the duck.
  • X key is to flip the gravity.

Tips and tricks

  1. Before touching the portal, you must observe its rotation carefully to avoid going the wrong way.
  2. Watch out for some creatures who can fire.
  3. Keep in mind that the duck cannot jump.


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