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About Adaptor:

Adaptor is a running, fast-paced, and speed platform video game. You will control your character running and eating the stars. You will have to complete this mission faster than the speed of a blue ball hovering above your head.

There are three stars per round, the number of stars that corresponds to the number of stars you get after the series. After finishing eating, you must go to an endpoint in that round, and if it is slower than the blue ball, you will lose. There is a total of 3 areas; each area included ten levels. The unique thing about this game is the way you move. You will move on different colored blocks, each colored block will have a separate control, so this requires your quickness and agility.

The sooner you complete the mission, the higher your score will be. Moreover, this game is convenient in that when you exit, and it will still save the previous result you have, so don't worry about having to play again from the beginning.

How to play:

  • Using the arrow keys or A/D keys from the keyboard to run

Tips and tricks:

  1. There are four color blocks: gray, yellow, red and blue
  2. Gray and yellow blocks use arrow keys, red and blue blocks using keys A and D

Adaptor Unblocked:

  1. If you already have a computer, network available, then visit to play Adaptor Unblocked now! This site is a great place for gamers who love unblocked games. And here we bring you hundreds of quality games, all for free!

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