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A Grim Granny

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About A Grim Granny:

A Grim Granny tells the story about the work of a Grim Reaper in the form of a Platform, Adventure, and Puzzle video game.

At the beginning of the game, A Grim Granny features the conversation of three Grim Reapers. Since what the Grim Reapers do is taking away the soul of living people, A Grim Granny features the gameplay of embodying and murdering. The game has the player taking the role of a Grim Reaper and advance through the door-to-door levels. In each level of A Grim Granny, the player will take his eyes on his targets, embody them and then use their bodies to kill them. When the process of taking away the soul be successful, the player can get the Grim Reaper's soul back to his body and come forward to the Red door to enter the next level. There is no level menu, which means the player has no choice rather than finish the last level in order to enter the next level.

A Grim Granny has two game modes for the player to decide which one he wants to play. The traditional game mode enables the player to play the game in order without any pressure. All you need in the traditional game mode is your intelligence, as A Grim Granny requires you to accomplish a series of quests without failing. The other mode of the game is called "Speedrun", which brings in the Timing system. In this game mode, the player will run against time to claim his victory.

How to play:

  • Use the A-W-D or arrow keys to move the Grim Reaper.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The game saves your progress automatically, even when you choose to start over at the start screen.
  2. You can press the Space bar button to skip the intro of A Grim Granny.

A Grim Granny Unblocked:

  1. At, you can carry on with the adventure in A Grim Granny Unblocked for free. Besides, there are tons of promising Unblocked games you can pick up at Are you ready to rock your gaming experience?


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