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Heavy Tow Truck 2

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 3

Plays: 1.2k

About Heavy Tow Truck 2:

Here comes another choice for you in the genre of racing games! Following the success of Heavy Tow Truck, Heavy Tow Truck 2 has now been released to satisfy players’ love. In the gameplay, you will be a truck driver, whose goal is to drive your truck from the starting point to the destination as fast as possible. Before the game starts, you can customize your truck in your favourite colour to make it more awesome.

There are 5 main colours and 5 secondary colours for you to choose. Heavy Tow Truck 2 is designed with a busy city theme, filled with buildings, roads and citizens. Your mission is to getting to the destination quickly but safely, avoids crashing into objects around since it will cost you time and damage. Especially, you have to be extremely careful with the citizens walking around.

If you ran over a pedestrian or made too much damage, your game would immediately end. The control keys are simple as you just have to use WASD or arrow keys to move and SPACE bar to brake. Remember to check the mini map in order not to drive the truck too far from the destination.

Have you fastened your seatbelt yet? Do it now and get into Heavy Tow Truck 2 to test your professional driving skills!

How to play:

  • WASD/arrow keys for moving the truck.
  • SPACE bar for handbrake.
  • Press “M” to see the mini Map.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Avoid crashing into vehicles or objects in order to reduce damage and save time.
  2. Slow down your truck when driving at dangerous street corners.
  3. Check the map to make sure about the road you choose.

Heavy Tow Truck 2 Unblocked:

  1. With an increasing delivery demand, Heavy Tow Truck 2 Unblocked game has been released to satisfy players’ love! Join our truck team at – the biggest truck team of the century! Take your chance now with Heavy Tow Truck 2 Unblocked!


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