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One sure thing is that you don’t want to miss experiencing new playgrounds in the .io world, right? Be quick to enter the main screen of and enjoy a very cool platformer game together with thousands of players now!

As a loyal fan of .io worlds, you are no stranger to the primary task; that is, to be on top of the leaderboard. But, before starting, you need to familiarize yourself with a dangerous platform. Make sure you observe everywhere carefully to determine deadly traps above and below.

Then start moving around to look for available coins. Normally, these coins are placed in the middle of the air. So, you need to guide your main character to jump cleverly to catch them with ease. When performing, you should be careful the traps and spikes since every touch will take 50% of the health.

Aside from collecting the coins, using a long sword to attack other opponents is necessary. Of course, you need to be agile to avoid counterattacks, or your character’s health will decrease.

Is there any way to help you improve your health?

Truly, you can increase it by grabbing some available hearts on the screen. But, you should take them soon before running out of HP.

Another exciting thing if you defeat the opponents successfully is that you can take half of their coins. Relying on that, you can increase the number of coins as well as your position on the leaderboard.

Generally speaking, this game requires your cleverness and nimbleness when moving from this place to another place. Of course, observing and preventing other opponents’ attack is extremely important to protect your character.

Well, is a cool playground that you’re waiting? Don’t hesitate anymore! Tap on the PLAY button and take action now!

How to control

  • Movement – A & D or left and right arrow keys
  • Jump – W, up arrow key or Spacebar
  • Attack – the left mouse

Tips and tricks

  1. Avoid engaging in any fight if your character doesn’t have enough health or very little.
  2. If seeing any problematic route, the best thing is to wait for the others to perform. Then you will know whether this way is dangerous or safe.
  3. Pressing the jump keys twice allows the character to jump higher.
  4. Combining the jump and movement keys helps you glide up and over edges without reaching any traps above.
  5. The higher you jump, the more coins you discover.