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Rating: 10.0

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About Space ARENA:

Using a first person perspective, this .io game which concentrates on Shooter element will awake your power! The game’s name is Space ARENA. In this game, you will be brought to the space, in which you have to save yourself using guns and other weapons. Being considered as a game that took the footstep of the legendary Shooter game Half-life, Space ARENA serves the similar gameplay with lots of cool elements.

At first, you will find yourself on a planet which is completely out of this world. The game world of Space ARENA is full of strange shapes that make your gaming experience even more interesting and enjoyable. Weapons are located in colored balls and you will easily get access to a gun when you go straight to a ball under the parabolic shape.

Since Space ARENA is an .io game, there are many players will join the game at the same time and you can define them as enemies that you need to take down as soon as you can. Of course you cannot kill them with bare hands, that’s why you need to collect as many powerful weapons as you can. You may notice that the enemies are green, and so are you. Somehow, Space ARENA describes the story of aliens fighting against each other. Let’s get ready, you will have a long way to go ahead!

How to play:

  • To move forward, press W key.
  • To move backward, press S key.
  • To turn left, press A key.
  • To turn right, press D key.
  • Use the computer mouse left click button to fire.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Defeating someone is as easy as being killed by someone.
  2. Running away from your enemy isn’t a good resolution. Once an enemy sees you, you will be hunted down.

Space ARENA Unblocked:

  1. Space ARENA is a wonderful .io game, but don’t you know that the unblocked version of this game is even more enjoyable? It’s true! Let’s start the gameplay of Space ARENA Unblocked of now and explore the game world on your own. By the way, is an incredible gaming site you need to try out!

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