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If you’re looking for any .io game that has a similar gameplay like, don’t miss, a very new game that is developed by Neodinamika Inc. in January 2018. Surprisingly, you will receive a whole new level while enjoying it. Be curious, guys? Come here and explore right now!

How to play

Of course, your main character in this game is still a slithering snake. And it’s quite small at the beginning. So, you need to concentrate on controlling him to move around by using the mouse cursor and help him eat as many glowing orbs as possible. The more orbs he gulps, the bigger he will be.

However, everything isn’t simple because this playground is full of dangerous opponents. And your snake needs to be extremely careful of the ones that are bigger than him. To avoid bumping into their body or let them catch him, the best thing is to observe surrounding all the times. Whenever seeing anyone, activate your snake’s speed by holding the left mouse immediately.

Increasing the speed is also effective to catch the opponents who is smaller than your snake. Or you can take advantage of his long body to encircle and block them inside to defeat. Although it sounds easy, make sure you’re agile and clever to carry out.

How about the difference?

Well, the most interesting thing is a new life. It means when the snake is killed, he will get a great chance to turn himself into a Juja bug and continue playing. Since the bug can fly, you need to guide him to land on the ground to eat the orbs. And keep in mind that he cannot move fast or kill anyone when grounded. Therefore, if catching any danger surrounding, be quick to direct him to fly up. Until the bug dies, the game will be truly over.

As a plus, the more you play, the more surprising things you will discover. For instance, you can evolve your snake to a new level, try to complete tons of cool achievements, and so on.  

Feel excited, right? Enter and enjoy all now!

Tips and tricks

  • The bigger the snake is, the harder you can control him
  • Boosting the snake’s speed is necessary for both situations of attacking and running away. But, this might consume too many orbs. So, be wise to use.
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