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If you’re a fan of galaxy .io games, I bet your mind will be blown away for the first time entering the main screen of Feel curious to discover, right? Don’t hesitate anymore! Land on here now!

One of the first impressive things is all about its stunning 3D playground. When guiding an up-to-date spaceship, you might feel like you’re truly traveling through space. And this makes your journey more exciting.

Then look around and start searching other players.

Of course, you know how to do, right? Let’s express your best shooing skill to defeat as many opponents as possible and at the same time dodge over their counter-attack cleverly. For each success, you will receive 100 XP to improve your position on the leaderboard. Aside from attacking the others, shooting down available asteroids also helps to increase the score.

However, the most interesting thing is to convert the score to bits to buy crates and rent new spaceships. In the Shop, there are three main crates including Standard, Premium, and Exclusive. Pick one and then spin to receive new materials for your spaceship.

Besides, don’t forget to rent another powerful spaceship or purchase it if you own a large number of bits. Let’s consult carefully some such as Pioneer-44, Bumble Bee II, Algebar T-1, Alsaylykun or Tianlong G-1 before deciding to rent or buy the suitable one for your fighting style. For instance, if you like to send missile and bomb, the Pioneer-44 will be your ideal choice. Or prefer to use cannon only, you should opt for the Tianlong G-1.

Last but not least, never forget that the final aim is to climb up to the top spot on the scoreboard with the highest score. What do you think, guys? Will you finish with the best result?

It’s time to express your excellent shooting skill and see how long you can finish. Play now and wish you luck!

How to control

  • Control your spaceship – WAD or left, right and up arrow keys
  • Shoot – the left mouse or Spacebar
  • Switch the weapons – Q
  • Look backward – B

Tips and tricks

  1. 1 score will be converted to 10 bits.
  2. Defeating each asteroid will give you 5 XP (that means you will get 50 bits).
  3. You just rent a spaceship within 12 hours. So, try to completing the task before the time runs out.
  4. Avoid getting killed or you might start from scratch.




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