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    Rating: 7.8

    Votes: 51

    Plays: 3.3k


    If you are in the .io world long enough, I bet you don’t want to miss playing, an excellent multiplayer survival game. More wonderfully, you will discover lots of awesome things that make this game unique. Be excited to play, guys? There we come!

    Instead of experiencing an endless battle to gain the top position on the leaderboard as long as possible, your main task is to finish each round and become the last man standing. And the only action that you can do is to shoot down everyone on the battlefield.

    First of all, you need to pick up a server to challenge. Depending on each server, you are able to face a small or large number of opponents. Then start the main fight with an alone man. Since he has nothing at the beginning, please support him to pick up at least a gun or sword to fight. Remember that this game gives you more than 10 seconds to go around and search for the weapons. So, try your best to take them or you might meet with difficulties.

    When the time runs out, the fight takes place. Be quick and agile to guide your main character to look for your opponents and kill them. At the same time, try to protect his life by dodging over other counter-attack or sprint to avoid. Besides, don’t forget to observe a red circle on a mini-map. When beginning, this circle will automatically decrease its size until reaching the center. That’s why you must eliminate all of the players before this occurs. If not, you will become a spectator until the end.

    To make the fight more interesting and exciting, this game also provides some available crates and cars everywhere. You can break the crates to receive amazing items or jump onto a car and drive it to damage the others.

    So, will you reign as the last person in Or will you get picked off after entering the main screen? Play to know, guys. And if you want to enjoy any game that has a similar gameplay, is rather interesting.

    How to control

    • Move around – WASD or arrow keys
    • Interact with the game – F
    • Shoot – the left mouse
    • Sprint – Shift
    • Switch the weapons – the mouse scroll or Q & E

    Tips and tricks

    1. Always observe a mini-map to know where you are and when the red circle comes close to you.
    2. Take advantage of trees or buildings to hide and attack.
    3. You’re free to download this game to your smartphone (iOS or Android).