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Unlike many other .io games, has its own place in worldwide gamers’ hearts for its unique gameplay held in the Fidget arena. In this video game, you will be controlling a spinner or you can define yourself as a spinner in the game ground. Alongside with the works of a spinner practically, you will also have to kill the other players and try your best to run your empire. allows its player to dive deeply in the game world fulfilled with a huge amount of spinners. As the game runs, things spin and so do you. Good thing is that you can compete against multiplayers around the world under the different roofs. You will start the game as an average spinner, then with the help of the energy balls that are widely spread all around the surroundings, your speed will be increased as you get stronger and stronger.

Remember that the more energy balls you collect, the stronger and harder you become. Once you are big enough in the game field, you can start the killer’s game by crashing into the other spinners to eliminate them and step by step level yourself up on the leader board. Now, let’s start with the gameplay of and tell the world that you aren’t a coward!

How to play:

  • You can either use the mouse cursor or the arrow keys to control your spinner.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Stay away from the red walls if you don’t want to lose your collected energy balls and get weaker and weaker.
  2. If you are a beginner to the game field, make sure that you will keep the peace until you are big enough to start interacting with the smaller spinners. Unblocked:

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