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Dangerous Space Flight

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About Dangerous Space Flight:

What is Dangerous Space Flight? Well, it is a wonderful Strategy video game with the Rocket, Spaceship, and many other thrilling elements. Can you believe that the great producer of Dangerous Space Flight was able to put many amazing things into just one game? The answer is clear, and that is how we have an incredible video game today named Dangerous Space Flight.

In this video game, you will be taken into the role of a header of a company that produces Rocket! It sounds amazing, right? Dangerous Space Flight brings in the appearance of different players around the world, as you will be competing against them in the race to see who can build up better rocket and attract the more audiences to sell more tickets.

The game becomes even more fun when one of the competitors fails, that is when you start to learn from yours or the others’ mistake. In the game world of Dangerous Space Flight, you will be able to dive deeply in an industrial world where money plays a big role in any system. Your task is to get in as much money as you can. Remember that, the more money you will earn, the better your performance in the game will be. If you think that you can totally screw everything up in Dangerous Space Flight, let us start the game now!

How to play:

  • The game allows you to use the computer mouse in order to interact with the screen.

Tips and tricks:

  1. If you build up a faulty rocket, it will crash and cause you a mistake that you will never want to talk about it even just once.
  2. Consider carefully before you upgrade any of your ships.

Dangerous Space Flight Unblocked:

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