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About Cool

Cool is a 3D snake game where the more you eat, the more powerful you are. In the game, you can choose yourself your favorite snakeskin and join a server right away. There is a leaderboard always on top of the screen where you can track your score and the top players as well. To score, you have to consume others’ remaining to evolve.

As you play, you will soon realize that whenever you touch another snake, you would die and have to restart, and it goes the same for the other snakes. So one of the easiest ways to kill off your opponents is to get big enough to circle them and make them touch your snake. That’s when they die and you can have their remainings and get even bigger.

But there are other ways of killing off your opponents as well, one of them being fast enough to pass by other snakes and make them touch you by accident.

Cool is the coolest online snake game there is. Try your best to get a place at the top and show other players who is the best snake around.

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to navigate
  • Hold left mouse to boost

Tips and tricks:

  1. Circle other snakes to kill them easier
  2. Pass by other big snakes quickly to make them touch you

Cool Unblocked:

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