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io Games

IO Games is part of real-time multiplayer games with the name ending in ".io". Agar.io and Slither.io are the most famous io games to mention. Here we have a list of the most complete io games on the internet and this list is updated daily. Just click on one of our io games and have fun!

Rating for io Games:

50 of 100 (458 votes)

What is a .io game?

As recently as we know, there are so many good games like Agar.io, Slither.io ... so you have noticed that these games have the .io extension. So what are these io games?

It's very simple, it's MMO games that we can play on the web and have io tags all called io games. They are really nothing special, maybe because of the name it sounds strange but in fact they are also normal game products. However, they also have the characteristics that you can easily identify and it has made io games become very popular today.

History of .io game

By 2015, the first io game was released as Agar.io. In just a few months, the game has grown rapidly with the knowledge of hundreds of thousands of players all over the world because of its unique play and logic that large cells will eat small cells, there are a lot of players playing together at the same time. A turning point has been opened since then and io games came into being.

The features of io game make it popular.

  • The first is the usability and accessibility of this game. Most io games can be played on the web and can play full screen without you having to download them. Besides, they are lightweight and players do not need to wait for game loading too long. All you need to play io games is a PC that can be online.
  • The second feature is “real time”. Most of these games are designed in a real-time manner, which makes them very challenging and attractive to players.
  • Third is the simplicity of this game. It helps players easily understand the rules of the game and how to win the game. This feature is very good because it strongly emphasizes the player's mentality in just wanting to play rather than spending time learning the rules of the game.
  • The fourth feature is the “sharing”. Most io games have this feature. It helps players to share their scores through third parties like Facebook, Google, Twitter ... so their friends can see it.
  • Finally and also most important, it is the edge in the io line. Most any io game will have many players joining in a "room" or 1 "map" and compete with each other. This really makes the competition very high and everyone wants to be the top 1 of the game, his name is the Top 1 in the leaderboard to everyone to admire.


What do we have at this site?

We know you really hard to find new io games. So we have collected all the io games on the internet to create a complete io game list and arrange them on the simplest, easiest-to-see interface.The new io games are updated daily and make sure every game is played by our staff beforehand in order to ensure the game works well and provide tips and tricks based experiment with their actual games.

In addition, we also added the search engine to quickly find your favorite game titles, and metrics to let you know which games are playing the most, which games are highly rated most and what is the newest game. We also divide into each category of game and save the last game you played.