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Cat In Japan

Rating: 10.0

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About Cat In Japan:

Cat In Japan is a lovely adventure point and click game which was written by Bart Bonte. Cat In Japan is a story about the naughty Bonte Cat who is enjoying his vacation in Japan – the land of the rising sun. Bonte is addicted to the famous local dish here – the raw fish sushi! There are totally 20 pieces of sushi hidden in the house and he has to find them all for lunch. Your mission is to help him solve this quiz. Bonte is starving!

In this gameplay, the only control key you have is your mouse. Click it to pick objects, use objects and collect the sushi. Some sushi is easy to be seen, some sushi is harder since it may be hidden under a pillow, under an umbrella or even in a picture on the wall. The hardest one will be one hidden in some secret and locked places. Some of these need keys, some others need a password to be unlocked. Finding out all of these keys and code is a big challenge for you. This will all depend on your observation skills. No detail should be forgotten, no clue should be missed. You have to pick up all the necessary objects and know how to use it.

The game is designed in Japan theme and combined with Japan soundtrack, which helps you feel a lovely Japan feeling during the gameplay. You can also choose a suitable language before the game starts.

Help Bonte with his lunch now in Cat In Japan!

How to play:

  • Click on objects in the house to make them move.
  • Use objects wisely to find the hidden sushi.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Clues are given anywhere in the house. Look around carefully.

Cat In Japan Unblocked:

  1. No more the fear of blocked games, Cat In Japan Unblocked game has been available on is an interesting gaming site specialized by tons of wonderful games! Take a look at the land of the rising sun now with Cat In Japan Unblocked!


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