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Sim Girl

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 4

Plays: 3.6k

About Sim Girl:

Are you lonely? Let's join the virtual world of the Kingdom of the Game, where there are many cute and beautiful girls.
The Sim Girl can make you feel happy when dating with a girlfriend. Your task is to try to find a girlfriend within 100 days.
Your mission takes place daily with meeting various girls. Each girl has different characteristics, looks and preferences.
You need to choose your male character with Strength, Knowledge and Charm points before starting the game. Then, while participating in the game, you will have dating activities and tasks to increase these three types of points and achieving money to buy things.
On the first day, you only have 10 APs, Tomko energy of a day. Every day after sleep, you will renew your energy with 200 APs.
Your AP is used for countless activities, so you need to to use APs to build your character's stats faster. Since you can not go out, just take a shower (10 AP) and increase your mood.
Let start each day to do fun tasks with the girls. Remember to follow the in-game instructions.
This browser game may be not suitable for teenagers because of adult sexual activities.

How to play:

  • You can use your mouse to control and interact in this game.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You can go to the pub, click "Easy", then click the second option. You will fight the two enemies that are trying to take your girl, repeat this at least twelve times and you have 6,000 relationship points.
  2. In the bonus game, you need to do right click and choose "Play" to make the time stop, then start shooting to win.

Sim Girl Unblocked:

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