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Eagle Ride

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About Eagle Ride:

Eagle Ride is a Platform, Animal, Simulator and Flying video game. The game centers on world exploration through an eagle's perspective.

In the game world of Eagle Ride, you need to forget that you are a human. Why? Because if you still think like a human, you will not be able to act like a real eagle and surf through woods. Eagle Ride features three different game modes, including Classic, Crazy and Hard Core.

In the Classic game mode, the Eagle has to face only the trees, which means the only aim of the game now is avoiding a tree crash. As you may know, the only thing that can bring your gameplay to an end in the game world of Eagle Ride is a tree crash. Whenever the eagle crashes into a tree, he is immediate death. Unlike the Classic mode, the Crazy mode is a bit different from the appearance of the jewels. While the player is trying to avoid the trees, he also has to collect as many jewels as he can to score the most points.

In the Crazy mode, the scores will not be all about the distance the player achieves in each game, as the game will reward the player the scores based on the numbers of jewels he collects.

The Hard Core mode requires the player to play like a real bad-ass. The speed in the Hard Core mode is raised up and even just the task of avoiding the trees can make the player feel numb. Are you excited about Eagle Ride? Let's have fun with this game now!

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to steer and navigate the eagle.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You should not change the direction of the eagle too quick.
  2. The Crazy mode is the perfect choice for the player to practice.

Eagle Ride Unblocked:

  1. You can join the ride of the eagles at On this game website, any player can have joyful moments without paying. is famous for supporting millions of players every month. Check up on this site now!


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