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Escape Games

Escape games on Freegames66: We have created a list of the best Escape games for you here. We have thousands of exciting Escape games! You just have to choose one of our Escape games and have fun!

New Escape Games

Amigo Pancho 2

67 % Liked 1.3k Plays

Amigo Pancho 4

88 % Liked 1.5k Plays

Amigo Pancho 3

75 % Liked 1.5k Plays

Amigo Pancho

100 % Liked 1.4k Plays

Amigo Pancho 7

50 % Liked 252 Plays

Amigo Pancho 5

50 % Liked 206 Plays

Amigo Pancho 6

67 % Liked 255 Plays

Adventure Joy Escape Pirate Ship

100 % Liked 396 Plays

Can You Escape Love

100 % Liked 332 Plays

Floors Escape

0 % Liked 152 Plays

Give Up

71 % Liked 1.2k Plays

Give Up 2

86 % Liked 1.6k Plays

Prison Break

0 % Liked 584 Plays

Escape Games on Freegames66

You love Escape game style? Don't go anywhere, at this site we have tons of games to serve your favourite. Here we have searched and collected the 13 best Escape games for you. All of them are online games and they are totally free. You can play these Escape games on both mobile and PC. Some of them are available on Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS devices as well as tablets.

We are showing you the games from 1 to 13 including Amigo Pancho 2, Amigo Pancho 4, Amigo Pancho 3, Amigo Pancho, Amigo Pancho 7 and we still have 8 other Escape games that are waiting for you to explore.

Top 5 Escape Games

  • Amigo Pancho 4

    Amigo Pancho 4 is the fourth installment in the puzzle series. Help San to overcome the obstacles on the way and complete three trips offline.

  • Amigo Pancho

    Amigo Pancho is a puzzle game. Destroy the obstacles to help Pancho escape the creepy area! Play now!

  • Amigo Pancho 3

    Amigo Pancho 3 is the third installment in the puzzle genre series. Help Sancho, Pancho's brother leave the creepy desert safely. Play now!

  • Amigo Pancho 2

    Amigo Pancho 2 is the second part of the puzzle series. Help Pancho leave New York safely, but before that, defeat the opponent with two black balloons.

  • Amigo Pancho 7

    Amigo Pancho 7 is the 7th part of this puzzle series. This time, you will need to help Pancho find the treasure in the pyramid. Play now!

Rating of the players for Escape games

According to the information that we've collected, Escape games are the favorite ones of over 52 players on Freegames66. These games have received over 10,669 plays and a rating of 7.9/10 from 66 votes.