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Ducklife: Space

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About Ducklife: Space :

Ducklife: Space (released on is a special version of this fun and cute series. Ducklife: Space talks about the time after Duck became the Champion of the Earth and received a very precious crown. However, at that time, an alien came to earth and plundered Duck's crown. Then he escaped the earth with the crown.

To be able to challenge aliens in order to regain the crown. Firstly, Duck needs to train Then Duck must win another Duck in the game to get tickets to the tour of the alien planet.

The training section consists of three parts: Running, Swimming and Flying. Duck needs a lot of training to increase his skills such as run, swim, fly, climb, energy and intelligence. There are also some updates as follows:

There are six planets to play, including Earth, Moon, Mars, Terra, Freez and Pyro.

Shop and some other features can only be used on mobile version (Android and iOS).

Allows the player to name the Duck.

Allows the player to choose the hair style, eyes, color and paint for Duck.

If you like this game then there are another version such as Ducklife, Ducklife 2, Ducklife 3, Ducklife4, Ducklife treasure hunt… or you can play another games have same style such as Sushi Cat 2, Can Your Pet?

How to Play:

  • Use arrow keys to control Duck.
  • User mouse to view other areas of the map.

 Tips and Tricks:

  1. You can pause/resume/restart the game and turn the sound on/off.
  2. Train more and more, the duck will be stronger.

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