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Rio Rex

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 16

Plays: 3.9k

About Rio Rex:

You love dinosaurs? Let’s get to the wonderful game world of Rio Rex with lots of Dinosaur stuffs! Brought to you by gametonardo, Rio Rex is an Adventure game. The game takes you to a whole new world in which dinosaurs live among people. Somehow, the dinosaurs get crazy and you will get to control one crazy dinosaur to destroy the human’s life.

You will get to take the role of a dinosaur and come to different places. Your mission is destroy the items and people that are preventing you from getting to your way. You might see some people and stuffs that try to attack you as well. But don’t worry, you are playing as the biggest animal in the world, everything in under your control as you as you are quick.

Rio Rex offers you different locations, you will start with the first location in the first level. The other levels are being locked as the game requires you to complete them all one by one. In the game, you will notice very intense music, which encourage you to play the game and reduce your stress. With Rio Rex, you can dive deeply in the world of dinosaurs and enjoy destroying the cities.

How to play:

  • Press W to jump.
  • Press A to move back.
  • Press S to go down.
  • Press D to go forward.
  • Use the computer mouse left click to attack.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Don’t forget to follow the arrow keys which leads you to the right way in the game.
  2. Don’t let yourself be attacked until you are death, you are the biggest one in the game world. Take the advantage of it!

Rio Rex Unblocked:

  1. On, it’s free to play the unblocked version of Ro Rex without any limitation. The game offers you more than one core features there and you will love to spend time with it. Check it out!


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