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Age Of Defense 8

Rating: 10.0

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About Age Of Defense 8:

Developed by Belugerin Studios, Age Of Defense 8 is a Tower Defense video game with enhancing elements. The game is a part of the great franchise Age Of Defense. In this video game, you will take the role of a warrior, who is equipped with three types of weapons such as Gun, Arrow and an unnamed object. Each weapon has its pros and cons, but as a skilled warrior, you will have to figure out the right moment to use each weapon.

The game also features four new worlds with the new special effects. You will have to get used to battling against even more types of enemies in Age Of Defense 8. The main objective in Age of Defense 8 is protecting your base from the enemy onslaught at all cost. The enemies will come in waves, and you have to use any weapon that you have in hand to kill them completely. If you are good enough, then the basic enemies will not make you worry.

The further you advance in Age Of Defense 8, the more enemy units will be unleashed. As you can see, to get through all the enemy waves is a tough thing. Are you brave enough to conquer the game’s missions? Let us go now!

How to play:

  • Move the mouse cursor to the top/center/bottom of the screen, hold and release to throw objects.
  • Move the mouse cursor to change the direction of the arrow, click to shoot.
  • Move the mouse cursor to change the direction of the gun, click to shoot.
  • Press the button number one to use the primary weapons.
  • Press the button number two to use secondary weapons.
  • Press the space bar to cast special weapons.
  • Click the spell button to use spells.
  • Press P to pause the game.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Learn from your mistake after each time you lose one battle.
  2. You should attack the enemies from a very far distance, do not let them attack you.

Age Of Defense 8 Unblocked:

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