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Defense Games

Defense games on Freegames66: We have created a list of the best Defense games for you here. We have thousands of exciting Defense games! You just have to choose one of our Defense games and have fun!

New Defense Games

Monsters TD2

100 % Liked 1.1k Plays

Epic Defense

0 % Liked 564 Plays

Trap Monster

0 % Liked 213 Plays

Dragon's Gold

100 % Liked 588 Plays

Jungle Defender

0 % Liked 350 Plays

Shore Siege 2

0 % Liked 549 Plays


100 % Liked 694 Plays

Scrap Metal Heroes

100 % Liked 473 Plays

Defend Your Nuts 2

0 % Liked 435 Plays

Castle Rush

100 % Liked 540 Plays

Dark Power

100 % Liked 668 Plays

Stickman Army : The Resistance

93 % Liked 1.7k Plays

Guard of the Kingdom

100 % Liked 505 Plays

Flapping Crush

0 % Liked 310 Plays

Dead Arena

100 % Liked 647 Plays

Dead Tree Defender

75 % Liked 794 Plays

Lemming Defense

0 % Liked 399 Plays

Defend Your Nuts

100 % Liked 1.1k Plays

Crusader Defense

0 % Liked 587 Plays

Witch Hunt

100 % Liked 187 Plays

Knight of Magic

67 % Liked 877 Plays

Goblin Defender

50 % Liked 782 Plays

Third Kingdom

100 % Liked 235 Plays

Defense Games on Freegames66

You love Defense game style? Don't go anywhere, at this site we have tons of games to serve your favourite. Here we have searched and collected the 23 best Defense games for you. All of them are online games and they are totally free. You can play these Defense games on both mobile and PC. Some of them are available on Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS devices as well as tablets.

We are showing you the games from 1 to 23 including Monsters TD2, Epic Defense, Trap Monster, Dragon's Gold, Jungle Defender and we still have 18 other Defense games that are waiting for you to explore.

Top 5 Defense Games

  • Monsters TD2

    Monsters TD2 is a puzzle game combining with tower defense. Let play to see how many stages you can complete in this game.

  • Epic Defense

    Epic Defense is an interesting shooting game. In this game, you control a machine gun. Your task is to destroy all enemies on the map and protect your base. This game has many levels, each level is a challenge for you. Try to complete the game as fast as you can. Play now!

  • Trap Monster

    Trap Monster is a wonderful game which is filled with beautiful Graphics, amazing Gameplay, powerful Monster and even more. Play it now!

  • Dragon's Gold

    Dragon's Gold is an action game developed by Thomas Allen. In this game you control a dragon. The goal of the game is to defend your cave. Humans who make it to your cave will steal some of your gold. Try to kill as many people as you can. If you have no gold left, you lose. Play now!

  • Jungle Defender

    Jungle Defender is an interesting arcade game. After working all of the hours of your short little life, you have managed to amass a huge stockpile of bananas for your retirement. However, many monkeys have come to try to steal your stash. You are left with only one choice; defend your hut at all costs.

Rating of the players for Defense games

According to the information that we've collected, Defense games are the favorite ones of over 40 players on Freegames66. These games have received over 14,319 plays and a rating of 9.1/10 from 44 votes.