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Swarm Simulator

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About Swarm Simulator:

Buddy, if you haven’t found a game to play this weekend, why don’t we spend time with Swarm Simulator – an Incremental, Idle game. In this game, there will be no such things as high quality graphics or thrilling game soundtracks. You will only see some tables with many labels and numbers. Don’t you think it’s boring playing a game without such necessary features?

Well, after you learn about the gameplay and get used to it, you will change your mind. In Swarm Simulator, your mission is to growing swarm of giant bugs. The game lets you starts with some larvae and meat. From this point, you will have to produce more larvae, meat, energy and more that will help you to nurture your swarm of giant bugs.

In your swarm, the lowest classes of your workers are Drones. These workers help you find meat while they need meat to give birth as well. The more drones you will hatch, the more meat you will earn. When your swarm starts to grow big, you can start buying Upgrades in order to boost the performance of them.

The game offers more type of creatures as you advance in it. Swarm Simulator makes you feel like you’re are the king of a bugs’ kingdom and everything is now in your hand. You can decide to start a new type of bug or not, that’s amazing. Have fun with Swarm Simulator and enjoy the outstanding gameplay you have never seen before!

How to play:

  • Use the mouse cursor to select options and switch between tabs.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Hatch more and more Drones in order to get more meat – the background of your strong swarm.
  2. Buy Upgrades when the game allows, this will help you to run your swarm perfectly.

Swarm Simulator Unblocked:

  1. With Swarm Simulator Unblocked, nothing is impossible. This version of Swarm Simulator is now can be seen on Come and check it out.