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Build balance

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About Build Balance

Build Balance is a puzzle game with a cute and familiar art style targeted at children and

In this game, you try to arrange the blocks so that they don’t fall off. When you finish placing the final block, a timer will appear and after it finishes, if the blocks still haven’t fell off then you’ve pass that level.

Stepping into each level, the game will pre-arrange a few blocks to make a shape and you have to rely on that to continue arranging the other blocks. There are many types of blocks such as horizontal blocks, vertical blocks, round blocks, square blocks, triangle blocks… and you should pay attention as the blocks could come in different sizes. You can find the information about the size and shape of the blocks that you have to arrange on the upper corner of the screen.

Remember that the round blocks will roll around if you place them in spots that are uneven and that the bigger the block the heavier it will be.

There are a total of 30 levels in Build Balance and your goal is to beat all the levels. The difficulty will increase after each level, and sometimes there will be levels that require you to quickly arrange the blocks.

You can continue your experience by playing the sequel titled Build Balance 2 or if you’re a fan of this type of game then there are also other similar games for you to play such as Pizza Rush, Sweet Garden

How To Play

The game mostly requires you use the mouse to move and place the blocks.

Tips and Tricks

You can pause/resume/restart and turn the sounds on/off on the game screen.

Build balance Walkthrough:

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