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About Asteroids:

Asteroids is a shooting game genre designed to be played online on the web.

Game graphics are simple but the gameplay is very interesting. The player controls an A-shaped spaceship and shoots at meteors to break into small pieces. Each time you hit the target, you get points

Meteorites vary in size, and when you hit them, they break into small pieces. Shoot smaller asteroids as you score more points. The highest score you get in a hit is when the meteor is too small and you can destroy it completely.

You also need to control your spaceship to avoid touching meteors. Because if you touch them, your spacecraft will explode. You need to keep in mind that the smaller the meteorites, the faster they will move.

Sometimes there will also be the appearance of other ships. They have the ability to fire bullets to destroy you. Let kill them before they harm you.

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How to Play:

  • Use arrow keys to move the space-ship.
  • Use space to shoot.

 Tips and Tricks:

  1. You have 3 lives in each game, and if you lose all your life you will be game-over.
  2. If you still have "life", the score will continue to be added to the next life.