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Life The Game

Rating: 7.5

Votes: 1,890

Plays: 58.1k

About Life The Game:

Life The Game is a fun simulation game and you can easily experience the game, as this is a web flash game.

The game will describe a character's life in the game (you will play this character). First you will have to "effort" to come out from the belly of the Mom. Notice the slider in the middle of the screen. Then you will have to practice speaking by clicking on the notes. Next will go to the study section. In this section you will drag and drop the correct answers into the blank. Then there's the Puberty section. After completing this section, you have completed the first stage of the game.

At Stage 2, you will experience the Date section. Choose a person you like to date together. Then you will be joining the game in the Sport section. Next is the Inter section. Try to find a job in this section. You will now continue with the Get Married section. Choose the best outfit to wear on this important day. After the marriage is complete, you also completed stage 2 of the game.

In the final stages, you will experience some parts like Get Kids, Midlife Crisis, Grandchildren, Stay Healthy and finally Die. Experience these parts yourself!

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How To Play:

  • Use mouse to control.
  • Use P to skip.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Each section will have its own play modes and requirements. Pay attention and complete them.
  2. If you fail in one section, you must replay it.