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Evil Forest

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About Evil Forest:

Evil Forest is an interesting action game. This game has simple graphics, suitable for all ages, especially children and family. You can experience this game on your browser because it is a flash game.

The world is being destroyed by demons. Their cave is an evil forest. In this game, you will control a hero, your task is to destroy all the monsters in the evil forest.

This game has many levels, each level is a challenge for you. You will have an HP bar, when you are attacked by enemies, the HP bar will decrease. When this bar drops to 0, you lose. In addition, you also have a Magic bar (to use magic skills).

You will fight with many strange creatures in this game. You can also collect new weapons (in treasure chests), new items, armor etc. They will help you increase stats such as Melee Damage, Magic Damage, Armor, Speed ...

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How to Play:

  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Use A to attack.
  • Use S to active magic.
  • Use D to interact.
  • Use space to active items.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You can pause/resume/restart and turn the sound on/off on the game screen.
  2. You can play this game in full screen mode.
  3. You can jump and double jump in this game.