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Working Stiffs

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About Working Stiffs

Not just run, you have to work out how to overcome zombies to reach an exit successfully in Working Stiffs. What happened? Why do the zombies appear?

The zombie outbreak starts from a strange email that is sent to a staff in a certain office. Instantly, everything becomes chaotic because the zombies are everywhere and attack lots of people suddenly. And the worst thing is that these people begin to turn into the dangerous zombies.

The only solution is to escape from the zombies’ attack by finding a way towards the roof to pick up a helicopter. Amongst the alive staffs, you need to come forward and become a LEADER to help the remaining ones.

Remember that the biggest request is to guide all the staffs to find the right exit at every level. For the first stages, you will receive a series of useful instructions, including

  • Pick up weapons on the floor so that the staffs can use to shoot the zombies automatically. Make sure not to miss any weapon because you can switch the better one.
  • Crush available boxes to look for important keys or search for available keypads to open the door.
  • Find extinguisher to save the staffs from burning.

Take advantage of these available instructions in order to make a way to the exit and save as many staffs as possible. Although you must sacrifice a few in specific situations, try to have at least one alive person to continue the next level.

With a total of 15 levels, do you have any belief that you can overcome all? To be honest, don’t mind losing any level because you have no idea of what is going on. Just try, fail, and then restart to play better. And I’m sure that you can complete all well.

Start playing Working Stiffs now and hope you save all the staffs in the office successfully! Good luck to you!

How to control

  • Tap and drag the left mouse to move the staffs.
  • Combine Ctrl and the left mouse to move one staff at a time.
  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the map.
  • Hit Spacebar to zoom in and out the map.

Tips and tricks

  1. The staff only shoots automatically when the zombies are in range.
  2. A torch can keep the zombies away. Try to maintain it last as long as possible.
  3. The zombies are afraid of flames as well as sparks.


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