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PLAY NOW Wrestle Jump
Wrestle Jump

Rating: 6.7

Votes: 3

Plays: 2.3k

About Wrestle Jump:

Wrestle Jump is a super exciting Platform, Wrestle, Sports and Action video game. You must have played many Sports video game that bases on Basketball, Football or even Badminton, but have you ever tried any video game that sets in a Wrestle match? In this video game Wrestle Jump, you will have the chance to try the type of Sports game that is the combination of Wrestle and Jump. Practically, you will control a Wrestler in the Single player mode and try your best to make your opponent’s head touch the ground first.
This game is outstanding from the other games since it only allows the player to control his character to jump and nothing else. The player will have to activate his skills and abilities in order to win the game before he is being defeated. The game world of Wrestle Jump is painted in bright colors, which is such a nice way to help you relax your senses while playing the game.
In addition to that, the game also supports three game modes and they are Single Player, Two Player, and Multiplayer. The Multiplayer mode will help you connect to the server of the game and compete against one global player. Are you ready for Wrestle Jump? Let’s go!

How to play:

  • Press the W button for player 1.
  • Press the M button for player 2.

Tips and tricks:

  1. To make the game more challenging, you should enable the features such as Ice Levels, Endless Mode and Wind in the Options menu.
  2. Continuously tap the push button (W) to defeat your opponent quickly.

Wrestle Jump Unblocked:

  1. If you are interested in Wrestle Jump Unblocked, you should visit and check up on this video game there. For your information, is one of the most searched game websites on the internet. This site is famous due to its incredibly rich source of unblocked video games in different genres. Let’s get to and play your favorite game now!


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