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PLAY NOW Hungry Sumo
Hungry Sumo

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About Hungry Sumo:

Hungry Sumo is an amazing Platform, Battle and Sumo video game that follows the Japanese Pop Culture upon the iconic Sumo. In this video game, your goal is surpassing all ten challenging levels. The game puts you into the role of sumo, who is in charge of taking down his opponent in the battlefield by bumping. In order to accomplish any mission within one level at all costs, you will have to grow your sumo in size by feeding him with rice.
As easy as it sounds, Hungry Sumo only requires you to follow some survival rules, such as only bumping your opponent while you are not eating and do not let the bigger opponents touch you at any cost. You will love this video game Hungry Sumo as you advance in it. The game provides you with quick-based battles that may make you feel overwhelmed sometimes but do not worry, after you get things together, you will be able to conquer all the challenges of the game within some minutes. The sumo that dresses in pink is yours, while the one that dresses in green is your opponent.
Start from level three, there will be more than one sumo of your side participate in the battle, which means you will have to keep an eye on them all. Let’s get to Hungry Sumo and make sure that your Sumo is well fed now!

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse left-click button to tap on your sumo.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Hover over your sumo to grow.
  2. You should not bump into the other opponents while you are growing.

Hungry Sumo Unblocked:

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