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PLAY NOW World Wars
World Wars

Rating: 10.0

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About World Wars:

Not fighting by fists or guns, World Wars, as a strategy action game, is bringing out an awesome brain war for the smartest players. World Wars is built with a world map. As the leader of a country, the great mission for you to take is leading your country’s military and conquer the world map.

The rule of this gameplay is easy, however, it seems to be a bit complicated for newbies. Before starting the war, you are able to choose the number of players to play with and a suitable world map. Other players are actually controlled by computer, not human. If you haven’t completely understood the rule of World Wars yet, you should only choose to play with 2 or 3 players to practice with.

At the beginning of the game, each player is given an amount of country in the map with a number on each country, showing how strong the country’s military is. At your turn, you have to choose which country of yours that you want to start the attack, and what country of your enemies that you want to attack. After choosing, here comes the dice part. The number of dice you have is the number written on your country, so are your enemy’s.

All the dices will be rolled at once and the total score you and your and your enemy get will show the total strength you all have. When you want to stop your attack, click the “End Turn” button to receive some supplied soldiers and watch your enemies’ turns.

Seems to be simple, but actually not. Are you ready to work this World Wars out?

How to play:

  • Use mouse to choose country to attack.
  • Defeat all of other countries and conquer the world map.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Have a right strategy and know to stop the attack at a right time.

World Wars Unblocked:

  1. World Wars Unblocked game is ready for you to play anywhere. Start the wars at, the dream land of strategic games. Test your brain now with World Wars Unblocked!


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