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World Wars 2

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About World Wars 2:

Forget violent and bloody fights, World Wars 2, which was created by Fun Land, is here to bring you a special strategic action game. Differentiated from other games in its genre, World Wars 2 includes no thrilling battlefield in the content. Despite the fact that they are trying to conquer the world map with their army, players in World Wars 2 will have the feeling like they are sitting quietly and playing chess with their opponents.

Before the match starts, the game lets you choose the kind of map you want and your countries’ avatar. You can choose a random map of any continent in the world you want. You can also choose the number of player in a match from 2 to 8 players. These actually are computer players. The less players join, the less complicated the game is.

The gameplay is played by turns, which means you and your opponents will take turn to play. In each one’s turn, you have to pick one of your countries’ army to do the attack and aim the attack at one of your opponent’s countries. Remember that these 2 countries must be next to each other. Based on each country’s strength, a number of dice will be rolled to decide the result of the attack. The stronger army you use, the better chance you have to win.

You will also need a bit of luck while rolling the dice of course. You can attack as much as you want, but attack smartly. Click “End Turn” to end your turn and follow your opponents’ attacks. The game ends when you conquer the whole map, or you are completely knocked out.

Such a great challenge for strategy lovers. Try World Wars 2 now to see how addictive it is!

How to play:

  • World Wars 2 is controlled totally by mouse.
  • Try to defeat all of your opponents and conquer the world map.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Sometimes it’s more important to defense.
  2. Always plan a strategy before deciding to attack.
  3. The fights between your opponents may be a good thing for you.

World Wars 2 Unblocked:

  1. World Wars 2 Unblocked game is here at, the largest map among our game world maps. Work the battles out now in World Wars 2 Unblocked!


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