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Mud and Blood 2

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 6

Plays: 2.4k

About Mud and Blood 2:

Experience World War 2 as a squad leader in a casual random war game. Mud and Blood 2 is developed and published by Mud and Blood HQ.

“Despite its reputation of unfairness and brutality, Mud and Blood 2 is a top-ranked flash game and was and still is featured on the front page of many major portals including” - urb

You are a squad leader in World War 2 and try to keep your line of defense as long as you can. You can customize your squad to match your style of gameplay with 14 types of soldiers, 9 weapons and 30 strengths. You will set up your own defense with mines, barbwires, trenches, and bunkers and fight with all you have.

Some people like not to build defenses and rush their troops up the map and advance a lot. Some people like to create on the map and get trenches and shotguns. You will think of your own strategies to guide your officer on the battlefield.

Here is your walkthrough. You will select a soldier and click the left mouse button where you want him to move. Soldiers will join any target they see automatically starting from the nearest target.

All soldiers will not see and/or engage enemies behind rocks and trees, so you will keep in mind the rings of fire when moving or deploying soldiers. You can use your tactical points to upgrade or call reinforcements.

How to play:

  • To control and interact in this game, you will use your mouse.

Tips and tricks:

  • The point of the game is not getting higher scores but to try out new tactics and discover what the game offers.
  • You should avoid having more than 6 men exposed on the court at any given time.
  • Tips for medals and ribbons: please note that a wide range of them must be achieved before a certain number of games are played in your career.
  • The most important unit in the game can build a variety of different things including trenches and bunkers.

Mud and Blood 2 Unblocked:

  1. Mud and Blood 2 is an online game for you to play free on the Freegames66 site because this game is unblocked. Therefore, you can play it even in places that block gaming sites like schools and workplaces. You can find more information at the wiki page of this game. Let's get your battle started on a full screen.


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