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Upgrade Complete 3mium

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 1

Plays: 838

About Upgrade Complete 3mium:

Upgrade Complete 3mium is developed by Antony Lavelle and launched to the market by Armor Games. It’s the third as well as the last game in the famous online shooting game series Upgrade Complete. You can quickly find and play this game in most modern browsers that already integrated with Flash Technology. The goal of this game is to upgrade everything and protect the oil on the floor.

The same as the second game in the series - the Upgrade Complete 2, this game also includes a “Heartate” feature. A slight difference is that in UC3, this feature comes with 3 steps. According to the author’s purpose, the first two steps are non-scary at all, while the last one is terrific.

The screen will display a warning message "Warning Time! The 'Heartrate' upgrade features a 'jump scare'. It's teeeeerifying! It may not be good for weak hearts! Only upgrade this feature if you understand that it may be horrific!” before your confirmation on upgrading. According to many players, you should really take their warning seriously as the soundtrack of this feature is scary.

How to play:

  • Move with the arrow keys on your keyboard
  • Use your mouse to control your laser and destroy your enemy

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Tip 1: To play more quietly without needing to give mute in the game, you can skip the upgrade of the "sound" so that the "screamer" would not be activated.
  2. Tip 2:  If you don’t know how to pass a certain level, visit the wiki site of this game. It contains a walkthrough video and instructions on how to conquer the Upgrade Complete 3mium.

Upgrade Complete 3mium Unblocked:

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