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Destination Kepler

Rating: 10.0

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About Destination Kepler:

We cannot imagine how it would be when the World came to an end since all the theories about the end the World are just theories. But don’t you know, there many games were made that based on those theories and Destination Kepler is one of those. Published by Kongregate, Destination Kepler is an Incremental game that you can easily control your actions with one computer mouse.

The game takes place in the future when the humans discovered a new planet that has the same living elements like Earth and this planet is described in the game as an Earth like planet. The game starts with the worst situation happens on Earth and the humans decide to leave the Earth and go escape on a Rocket. The humans’ DNA are carried in boxes and brought in the rocket, too.

You will play as the captain of the rocket who carries missions on your shoulders. There are many stops on different planets and each time your rocket lies on a planet, there’re variety mission you need to accomplish. Inside the rocket, we have researchers that work to make sure the progress are being well managed and you will have to take action on these researchers, too.

The game will let you start with an amount of money to build your crews in different categories, your staffs will help you to work on projects and that’s how it works. Destination Kepler is a game with perfect graphics, you will be amazed at how adorable the characters are drawn. Let’s make a fresh start today with Destination Kepler, you will soon feel amazing again.

How to play:

  • Control the actions of the game using the left-click button of the computer mouse. Choose the icons on the upper right corner to see how your progress is going.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The higher your Auto-mining bonus, the faster your auto-miners reload.

Destination Kepler Unblocked:

  1. We sure you will love this game and want to play more of it. The site can make your wish come true since it has the Unblocked version of Destination Kepler. Believe us, this site contains thousands of exciting games like Destination Kepler Unblocked with same great elements, check it out!


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