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PLAY NOW Oiligarchy

Rating: 10.0

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Plays: 2.8k

About Oiligarchy:

What do you look for in a kind  Flash game? Why don’t you try playing this wonderful game named Oligarchy and see if you are matched with this game or not? Oligarchy is a game which was perfectly developed by AddictingGames. Naming itself in the gaming industry as a strategy game, Oligarchy tells the story back in time about the event that happens after World War II. Mother Nature hid her dark treasures in Earth’s bowels.

You will take the role of an important CEO and start the game with finding the reservoirs over land or sea. If you find out a deposit, deploy a small well and make sure that the drill line hits the oilfield and starts the extraction. The reserve of an oil field will be half depleted and that’s when the rate of extraction will decline gradually so you will probably have to supplant this loss of productivity.

When your operations are completed, press the Play button to go forward in time. New events may happen and the yearly profit will be accounted. You should keep an eye on your extraction rate to prevent it from meeting or exceeding the demands. If you fail, your company shareholders will decide to fire you. Since your run a business, it’s your responsibility to manage the budget and expand your company.

Your profit depends on the barrels sold. Oiligarchy provides you with Stats so you can check up on your performance. The game put the mission of running a booming business on your shoulders, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it well. Let’s rock the tricky game world of Oiligarchy now!

How to play:

  • Follow the game instruction and use the computer mouse to make changes to the game screen.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Until you get the human energy buildings, avoid meeting the conserve oil.

Oiligarchy Unblocked:

  1. So you want to play more Oligarchy? Let’s go to and play the unblocked version of the game without any limitation.


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